Friday, July 10, 2009

Bad Bruno

"It is a know fact that no suicide bombers wear Marc Jacobs."

I made the mistake of seeing the midnight showing of Bruno last night. And let me tell you it really was a mistake. Maybe my humor just isn't compatible with Sacha Baron Cohen's or maybe I was being too narrow minded, but Bruno really disturbed me. The movie was even more vulgar than Borat and even a bit horrifying at times.

That being said, I do give kudos to Sacha for both his commitment to his character as well as the balls to direct such a politically incorrect movie. I love the fact that he does all his interviews in character; he was hilarious on the Today show. So if I were you I would enjoy the funny trailers for Bruno and leave it at that, but if you loved Borat then maybe just maybe Bruno will be the movie for you.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sunshine on my shoulder makes me happy.

Outfit from a couple of days ago...I'm wearing Urban Outfitter's boots, sunglasses, and tank with vintage belt and shorts and the white overshirt is from Gap and the scarf I bought at the Zara in Panama. I love the denim cutoff and boots look for summer, there is something very whimsical about it.

Monday, July 6, 2009

SYTYCD week 4.

Obsessed. They were in the bottom three and I just don't understand why. Watch the dance and you will be confused too.

America the beautiful.

chanel america @ the other chic Karl Lagefeld once paid homage to America by featuring stars and stripes in his Spring 2008 collection.

I send my apologies for my lack of posts recently, I took the weekend off and enjoyed the uncharacteristically good weather here in the Pacific Northwest. Somehow the weather gods were on our side this year and decided to put off the overcast skies and drizzly rain until today, which is just fine with me because the fourth was just lovely.

Fourth of July always reminds me of how much I really do love this country although sometimes it may seem otherwise. Nothing beats the good 'ole family barbeque with hamburgers (veggie burgers for me), watermelon, corn on the cob, and baked beans. While our classicly American meals may seem to be an oddball mix, our classic principles always make sense. We are a nation built on strong personalities and strong beliefs, and I am always proud to be a part of that.

I hope everyone dressed in their greatest red, white, and blue ensembles and enjoyed a good parade and some fireworks, after all it only happens once a year.