Thursday, February 26, 2009


The idea of creating a blog has been in the works for a while, my plan of action slowly simmering in my mind. I plan to offer and post my findings of “it”; the spattering of pop culture that contains that magical and covetable factor, the inexplicable allure of everything hip. Andy Warhol claimed that everyone gets their fifteen minutes of fame and although I hope I get mine someday, in the meantime I want to share the clothes, people, and music that deserve their fifteen minutes right now.

Ever since my first Nordstrom sale at the tender age of three when I proceeded to drag around a huge shopping bag full of all the fabulous clothes I intended to buy my love for fashion has been unwavering. This blog is about those fabulously stylish people we all secretly or not so secretly gape at every chance we get and how they became so intriguingly chic. This blog is about culture, the real culture not found in textbooks but on the streets of our cities and hallways of our high schools. I will not make any promises of what this blog will turn into nor can I promise that it will be updated everyday with new fashion findings, yet I will attempt to share my obsession with aesthetics.

Some people may judge me and call me superficial because I have a fashion blog and not a blog about politics or environmental consciousness, yet I am only asking for a chance. I want to prove that what we put on in the morning does matter, that what we wear sends a message to the world, screaming (or sometimes whispering) who we are and what we stand for. Except for maybe nudists, no one can claim to be exempt from this world of fashion. As hard as some might try, it will never happen. So give in already and enjoy my blog whether you feel style is force fed to you or whether you eat it out of the palm of Anna Wintour's hand. And as for the latter folk, this blog is dedicated to you.

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