Friday, February 27, 2009

Channeling Amelia

There is something so timeless about a good leather jacket. It's that piece in your closet that can make annual appearances without the groan of fashion savvy friends or the scolding of your significant other for never wearing a different jacket. Albeit, the jacket does look a little more badass if you include a Harley and a large bicep tattoo in the mix, my ultimate goal remains to make the leather jacket look more feminine, a task easier said than done. With trailers beginning to air for the new movie starring Hilary Swank about Amelia Earhart, I find myself newly motivated to buy that perfect leather jacket. The allure of Amelia's tomboy sexiness has inspired countless American women to sport the leather jacket and try their hand at flying, and while the former remains the easier of the two it will the be the option I opt for. Finding a leather jacket could be compared to finding that great pair of black pumps, near impossible. While most leather jackets either engulf the wearer or end up looking a little more Hells Angels than downtown hipster, the ideal jacket doesn’t try too hard. One leather bomber I love, the jacket featured above, is one from the Urban Renewal line by Urban Outfitters. What I like about this particular model is that it has a hood (all that’s missing is a pink motorcycle) and is a little more form fitting than the standard. And this is one of the many jackets out there suitable with a frilly spring dress or your flying lessons. Yet, the moral of the story is not the type or fit of the jacket, what matters is the bold statement one makes. Amelia Earhart may have gotten lost and tragically died on some foreign tropical island, but at least she looked good doing it.

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