Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

The stores are playing Christmas music, people are putting lights up, and they're selling eggnog at Whole Foods; the holiday season seems to have sprung out of nowhere this year, and for some reason I'm left feeling a bit uneasy. Sometimes, Christmas grows a little superficial. We buy people gifts because we feel obligated not because we actually want to give them a gift. We get fat from too much chocolate and stressed out from last minute gift buying and wrapping. While all that might sound like I detest the holidays, I actually enjoy them despite their obvious flaws. In honor of the beginning of December I will share the things that make the holiday season worthwhile.
Things I am looking forward to this holiday season:

-wearing my new Urban Outfitters dress to holiday parties
-peppermint ice cream
-ice skating
-bundling up in cozy scarves
-sparkly tights
-new clothes (hopefully!)
-time with the family
-new years!
-being done with final exams
-cheesy Christmas movies

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