Friday, December 4, 2009

Lost in translation

I might frequently and openly profess my love for Karl Lagerfeld, yet this time I simply cannot. He staged Chanel's 2010 pre-fall showing in Shanghai which, to me, seems incredibly strategic on his part. After all, America is over, Europe is over, it's all about China. The setting of the show proved to be breathtaking; each model walked before a backdrop of Shanghai's skyline.

While Karl hit it spot on with the location, he failed to impress me with the clothes. Heavily influenced by the Chinese culture, he showed a new found penchant for boxy items. The dresses didn't flatter the models and at times the dresses swallowed the models whole. They became lost in an abyss of embroidered silk.

Though the clothes didn't deliver, the shoes did. The shoes more than delivered. Utilizing bright accent colors like yellow and red, the shoes were my favorite part of the collection by a long shot. So maybe Karl is saying something, maybe he satisfies the Chinese by staging his show in their homeland and paying homage to their cultural legacies through the clothing, and then makes the shoes spectacular so all the snotty American girls aren't left heartbroken. Shoes are the most important part, right?


  1. some of the pieces i absolutely loved others...not so much

    and isn't the great gatsby amazing? i know it's a bit cliche, but it definitely is my all time fave!

    aaand! i was looking at some of your older posts and saw that you went to a lady gaga show? so jealous! i've become obsessed with her lately and i'm dying to get my hands on tickets to the monster ball tour. you're so lucky to have seen her live!


  2. Yo, thanks for your nice comment and Happy Blogging!

    I agree that some of Karl's runway didn't hit the spot, but there were some really amazing looks spritzed in there. I'm also liking the Shanghai feel- I'm kinda ready for the asian inspiration thing to hit the streets. I'm biased, though. I'm, well, asian.



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