Sunday, January 3, 2010

For your information

One of my style icons, Twiggy

Since I have spent hours upon hours in the past few months on college applications and unfortunately significantly less time on my blog, I thought I would share one of my essays that really explicates the purposes of my blog. Like regifting, I normally frown upon 'rewriting', but this time it is just too perfect. I hope you like it...

The film director Sofia Coppola said “you’re considered superficial and silly if you’re interested in fashion, but I think you can be substantial and still be interested in frivolity.” I completely agree with her. Regardless of whether it makes me superficial, I am obsessed with aesthetics, particularly fashion. After I returned home from spending a semester abroad in Panamá someone asked my father if I had changed and he responded by saying “Well, she still cares about fashion.” This comment surprised me; I knew I had indeed changed, but I also knew that my anticipation for picking out tomorrow’s outfit would never dissipate. My unique personal style is a crucial part of who I am, in fact I wouldn’t be Stephanie Roush without it. While most of my friends wear Lululemon sweats and American Apparel hoodies to school everyday, I wear a smorgasbord of ridiculous, pretty, and glamorous outfits because, well, I can. Sometimes I wish I could let my clothes do the talking for me, but I cannot suppress the need to express myself literarily as well. Last year, in an attempt to channel my enthusiasm and passion for style, I created a blog. When faced with hours of homework, long sports practices, and drama rehearsals, I use my blog as a creative outlet through which I can express myself as well as have fun writing about something I love. While many people in the fashion industry are deeply superficial, I am not. To me, style doesn’t mean donning designer jeans or wearing $500 shoes; fashion is most fun when an eclectic combination of thrift store finds and items found in my mother’s closet can become something fabulous. Wearing a pink silk tulip skirt and a leopard sweater with chunky suede heels accented with a zipper I must try twice as hard to prove that caring about what I wear doesn’t make me a less intelligent or substantial person, it just makes me a more interesting one.


  1. Very True! Fashion is what you make it to be:)
    Thanks for your comment!

  2. Lovely essay!



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