Sunday, January 24, 2010

Snail mail

Before there was myspace, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, G-mail, and cell phones there were letters. Imagine if in The Notebook Ally's mom had been deleting Noah's e-mails professing his love instead of confiscating his letters, how completely unromantic. In this era where it takes five seconds to write on someone's wall on Facebook and it instantaneously becomes available to them, letter writing seems tedious and unnecessary. Yet, the higher the number of unread e-mails I have in my inbox, the more I dread reading them. Contrarily, when I get a letter from a friend (not the bank mind you) I literally want to jump up and down. The tangibility of the letter, the time it took for someone to write it, the 44 cents they spent to send it holds an amount of meaning exponentially greater than that of an e-mail or Facebook message.

So I've decided to try my hardest to shun Facebook and alternatively turn to letter writing. I will try to post any especially noteworthy creations as all of the letters I send are in envelopes I make from recycled magazines. I like imagining the smiles a mere envelope can elicit from friends all over the world.


  1. now here's something i can get behind!

  2. i completely agree with you! No one writes letters anymore...and i miss that. I remember when i was in elementary and middle school, i would always write letters and send developed photos to my far-away friends. But now, this world has come to love and be all about technology. /:

    thanks for sharing a blog like this! =]


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