Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The girl's got pizazz

I am officially declaring my love for the Korean Olympic skater Kim Yu-Na. When she skates she commands the audience's attention like no one else that graces the Canadian ice. Normally, I yawn in boredom at the music choices of the figure skaters. While they might be classical masterpieces, they fail to ignite any fire in the skaters. Yu-Na doesn't skate to Bach or Beethoven, she skates to James Bond, which in case she was lacking any fire before the music started would provide any supplemental.

She's a bonafide celebrity in her native Korea, something that we, as Americans, try hard to understand considering that we place our movie stars on national pedestals instead of our athletes. More than all of this though, she has the "it" factor that I spend so much time trying to comprehend. Just like that absolutely perfect spring trenchcoat you see at the department store, Kim Yu-Na will remain in our minds for a lot longer than the Olympics covers alpine skiing.

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