Monday, June 4, 2012

Veni. Vidi. Vici.

I imagine that the ancient Romans would never be able to understand the modern concept of the unpaid internship. As the man in the carefully cinched toga came to the realization that you were not being paid to hold a job in which you essentially did whatever someone wanted for an extended period time, he would most likely look at you and laugh hysterically. That's slave labor he would think to himself as he commended modern businesses for their cleverness in "exploiting" young, impressionable students.

While the concept of an unpaid intern seems absurd, it isn't.  In fact, unpaid internships are important because they remind you constantly that while you may be a pandora's box of wisdom on your college campus, in the real world you're still a puppy.  And puppies need training.

So while a blog might be a way to make it seem like your opinion matters, I would argue that an unpaid internship is the reality check some might need in this world of self righteous self-publishing to realize, that while we may be talented, there is always more to learn.

The ancient Romans would have relied on unpaid interns for
the building of all the monuments...

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