Saturday, April 11, 2009


(check out the camp uniforms...)

Yesterday I found out that I got a job at my summer camp (my favorite place in the whole world) as a dock hand. And while I know that I should probably get a real job and do some world-changing thing this summer so I can get into college and whatnot, there is no way I could give up a summer at camp. The thought alone causes my hands to get all clammy and my heart race. Camp is my favorite month out of every year by a long shot and an accurate description of what happens in those 28 days does not exist. I could be really cliché and say that the only way to classify what occurs is “magic”, but that doesn’t do camp any justice whatsoever.

Simply put, camp is about the people. The people are what keep me coming back summer after summer, year after year. I spent the last two weeks on the East Coast visiting colleges and I must say the ones that stood out for me were the ones where I could tell that it was about the people. In some ways, I think I am looking for a college that will be like camp, “magical” in some sense or another. Yet, really what I am looking for are people who will be like the ones I have found at camp, my best friends.

So sorry Ivy Leagues that I won’t be traveling to Taiwan to single-handedly stop child labor, but for me camp is the one constant in my life and I don’t plan on missing out on the one thing I love more than anything else just to get into college.

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