Wednesday, April 1, 2009

8 Reasons Why Topshop Will Change America

1. People in London are always better dressed, now we can compete.
2. It will help people save money who have been paying international shipping fees from
3. H&M and Forever 21 can expect their sales to go down.
4. Young New Yorkers will suddenly seem more European, more stylish...
5. Celebrities can save money too and look just as good.
6. The opening has given New Yorkers a reason to throw three fabulous bashes.
7. Europe has one more reason to hate us, we are stealing their style once again.
8. College student now have more options when shopping on a student budget and clearly Topshop beats out all other stores.

Now all they need to do is open a Topshop up in Seattle.
Below: Taylor Momsen at the opening bash in NYC.

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