Monday, November 9, 2009

The boys we love(d)

Robert Pattinson, in the eyes of many, is a god. Teenage girls everywhere swoon over his very existence, yet so much of his appeal has nothing to do with who Robert Pattinson really is. In fact, they're not smitten with Robert Pattinson, these screaming fans of his, they're smitten with Edward Cullen. I'm no Twilight afficionado nore do I claim to be one, but I guiltily admit to having read all the books and while I don't find them to have anything truly significant to say they do hold your interest. These portraits from the latest Vanity Fair I think are so beautiful of Robert, the Robert without fangs that is.

This phenomenon Pattinson has caused reminds me of a similar one a little over ten years ago, Leonard Di Caprio. Just as Twilight captured viewers worldwide, so did Titanic. In 1998, probably fifty percent of American teenage girls had a poster of Leo up in their bedroom, now it's Robert. And just like Edward Cullen, Jack Dawes breaks hearts and inspires tears in Titanic. The real difference is, to me at least, that Titanic won Oscars, Twilight won Teen Choice Awards. Regardless of your choice man, I think the beauty of these Vanity Fair photographs of each one in their prime speak for themselves.

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  1. Oh Leo... I definitely had posters of him up in my room. So good looking :) I guess I'm too old to get the Robert Pattinson thing, I mean he's attractive but Twilight is kinda cheesy!



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