Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Older, wiser, crazier

Photo from weheartit.

I have accepted my fate. I know I will probably end up as the cat lady who wears too much lipstick and has fabulous dinner parties. That being said, I am perfectly okay with this. I've never had the lovey-dovey type grandma, the one who bakes you cookies and knits you hats. My grandmothers are independent, spunky women who don't let anyone boss them around. And I like that.

The old woman that sits in his rocker reading the Sunday New York Times on a Wednesday morning cursing the "punk" that made the crossword puzzle especially difficult, I love her. I love her for her sadistic sense of humor and superb wit. I saw the most fabulous old lady at Whole Foods the other day. She must have been at least seventy, and yet there was in her pumpkin orange knitted poncho and grey wedge boots. Growing old shouldn't be something we dread, it should be an excuse to be/dress even crazier and get away with it.

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