Monday, November 2, 2009

In defense of fashion

Italian Vogue's "models in rehab" editorial is the perfect example of fashion as social commentary.

In theory, I shouldn't have to do this. Defending fashion on a fashion blog? It's a tad ridiculous. Despite the obvious absurdity, I remain with the feeling that every once in a while we should defend what we do, just to make sure we can defend what we do.

Recently, someone accused my writing of being shallow, useless fodder for teenage girls who have nothing better to occupy themselves with. This made me reread my past articles searching for any flagrant superficiality, and while I do apologize for some mediocre writing lately, I'm not going to change any material posted.

Fashion doesn't have any rules. It's a work in progress, just like this blog. It's funny too because if this blog were about music instead of fashion no one would question me, yet it's not. I chose fashion for a specific reason, I wanted to show the quirky alternative side of a too often generalized industry. And because whether you think it's shallow or not, I care about what I wear. We all have to wear clothes anyways so why not make it memorable? Everything you put on your body becomes a reflection of you; fashion is unavoidable.

Some people abhor the idea of supporting something so reliant on aesthetic, so they wear the same shirt and jeans everyday or simple look sloppy because they can. This is one end of the spectrum. I, along with all the other fashion lovers in this world, am at the other end. Fashion isn't about who wears the most expensive dress to the formal or who has the designer bag, fashion is about creativity. The fashion world's greatest visionaries experiment, recycle, take risks. Fashion itself is a reflection of society, just like music.

This blog isn't about mainstream fashion. This blog is about street style, experimentation with clothes and colors, and most of all creativity. Many people look to art or music as their creative outlet, I look to fashion.

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