Thursday, March 4, 2010

Gilded and guilty

As I spend hours perusing all of the fall 2010 runway collections I must admit that more often than not I shake my head in disappointment at safe and typical collections that each designer seemed to settle for this season. Balenciaga elicited yawns from me, Nina Ricci failed to make me smile. Something obviously was wrong.

The exception this time is Balmain. Oh Balmain! Balmain evoked the devilish adolescent inside of me and made me want to immediately act out in immature and rebellious ways. While most designers appealed to an older age group with more office-appropriate garb, Balmain made his statement clear. What's the point of being young and fabulous if you're going to wear a butter yellow pinstripe skirt with a white skirt? There isn't one.

Balmain captures the grandeur of 17th century French royalty while maintaining relevance in today's society. The gold dresses were (of course) my personal favorites. If you're going to rebel and do crazy things because you can you might as well look as great as possible. And if you do decide to drain yourself of all that teenage angst you may need a little help from Balmain.


  1. Oh boy, I love the top pic and the third one. THe strong shoulders and gold are making me drool! Balmain is amazing, despite it being a fairly new label.

    TEE & FAME x

  2. I loved the collection too. All the glittery gold was just perfect. Especially strange since I usually don't like gold.

  3. yes: Oh! Balmain!

    love your blog!

    xoxo, Cassie!!

  4. me encantan el primero y el segundo! es espectacular esta coleccion (L)


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