Sunday, March 21, 2010

Paying homage to the most fabulous sisters ever

I have been infatuated with the Olsens since I was seven years old singing the 'great Hope diamond what's in your brother's dresser drawers' songs to their little detective series. After that I hopelessly copied all of their mannerisms from Passport to Paris and When in Rome. When Mary Kate pioneered the 'hobo chic' look I wasn't all too certain how I felt about this extremely striking girl dressing herself in layer upon layer of thrifted sweaters and topping it off with glasses bigger than her face. What I did admire though was the panache these girls always have seemed to have for being stylistically different than most of their mainstream counterparts.

The evolution of their style is really something for record books as both of them went from label mavens to full-on bohemian goddesses. I also admire their prerogative to be individuals in their style. Ashley definitely has more refined, elegant taste and Mary Kate is a bit more rock 'n roll, but this is what makes them so perfect. If you don't like what Mary Kate wears to the after party, then you'll probably like what Ashley wears and vice versa. Basically, if you think you're too good for the Olsens you should really check this out and then reconsider your decision.

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  1. I've always liked Mary Kate and Ashley as well, and their styles are impeccable!


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