Sunday, March 7, 2010

Oh Sandy,

I distinctly remember the first time I watched Miss Congeniality; it was during my geek-to-hottie-transfomation-movie obsession (think Grease and The Princess Diaries) and I knew from the moment she snorted while laughing that this actress was not only brilliant, but fearless. From Miss Congeniality to Hope Floats to The Proposal Sandra Bullock has had me laughing and crying for years, yet something really special happened in The Blind Side.

Tonight when Ryan Seacrest intereviewed her, Sandra commented that she's incredibly pessimissitic when it comes to herself and that she's always the first person to "poo poo" her work. Incredibly pessimisstic or incredibly humble? Her performance in The Blind Side left me with tears in my eyes and hairs standing up on my arms. The poise and determination she exuded in this role should be an inspiration to aspiring actresses everywhere and a lesson that sometimes you must be silly first in order to be taken seriously later.

I also commend Sandra Bullock for her wise fashion choice tonight. She radiated a calm beauty with her incredible Marchesa gown that matched perfectly with her golden statuette. Also noteworthy was her hair which was center-parted straight perfection that lended the focus to the gown instead of some outrageous hairdo. I could not be happier that Sandra Bullock won the award Best Actress tonight nor could I be happier that she did so in a stunning, refined, and elegant gown that will have fashionistas everywhere trying hard to stop the drool from running down their chins.


  1. thank you!
    it's all from antropology

  2. I loved Miss Congeniality! And I really liked what she wore, cute blog

  3. I'm so happy for her. She deserves it! And she looks gorgeous.

  4. Didn't she look gorgeous! I loved everything except that shade of lipstick!


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