Friday, March 5, 2010

If Anna Wintour is God then I'm an atheist

The real star of The September Issue: Grace Coddington.

I just finished watching The September Issue and ended the movie with an all too quick proclamation of my love for, not Anna Wintour, but Grace Coddington. I used to view her as merely the lady whose featured picture in Vogue would also include a cat and a lot of bushy red hair, yet I now know her to be a woman of incredible strength with true knack for aesthetics.

The movie surprisingly was a type of tell-all for the Vogue set which depicted Anna in an excruciatingly honest light. The brutal cut-throat honesty of the documentary highlighted exactly why Anna is at the top of the fashion world; she takes no prisoners. Aliken her to that girl in high school that you hated for her better-than-thou attitude, but befriended all the same to ensure your place on the social ladder.

Working at Vogue, like living the sorority life, spills over with catty behavior and fabulous clothing. Contrary to the typical sorority girls though Vogue women are trained professionals constantly reestablishing the importance of fashion in a world that as Anna so succinctly sums up "most people fear."


  1. I got it for cristmas and i have not had time to watch it :S

    i must sit down i take it all in! :)

    Nice blog!!

  2. Yeh she really seems to be the talent behind the power driven Wintour


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