Sunday, March 15, 2009

Because We Love the Rain

Some days I love Seattle and I can't picture myself anywhere else on the planet. Seattle is the perfect combination of city and nature and just really chill people who have time to write some great literature and non-fiction, to create some great art, and to make some kick-ass music as well. We do accredit ourselves to starting the entire 90s grunge trend and of course being the hometown to Kurt Cobain.
On other days all I want to do is get out of here and move somewhere where people don't wear socks with Tevas to the theater and don't think that REI is for everyday wear. These days usually are accompanied by copious amounts of rain and wind. Even worse is high school where Seattle children still think that Juicy Couture is couture at its highest and that Uggs still deserve a waiting list.
Yet as I searched all the people from Seattle on lookbook I realized that I'm not alone in this city, that there do exist people with some great style, I just need to find them.

Michelle Moore and her amazing photography make Seattle that nuch better.

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