Monday, March 9, 2009

Hip-Hop, You Saved My Life

So I used to do the whole dance thing and take regular classes and have recitals in which I would ultimately mess up and regret it until the next year when I had the opportunity to redeem myself, yet like all childhood pastimes my dancing days regrettably ended. And tonight, for the first time in years, on a whim I decided to take another class: a hip-hop class. The class, while making me sweat and realize why I quit dancing in the first place, made me reflect upon the great influence that hip-hop has on fashion and just pop culture in general, an influence underrated by most.
No one started wearing those ridiculously cool ‘Kanye’ glasses until the aforementioned was seen wearing them, and no one wore genie pants until MC Hammer was deemed untouchable in them, hip-hop’s role in fashion has been unwavering for years and until recently I have been quite blind to it. But now that I am newly inspired all I want to do is go out and buy some really cool Urban Outfitters men’s graphic tees and Nike high-tops, so that way if I make a fool of myself dancing at least I have my outfit to back me up.

So if I look as good as they do will it matter if I can dance or not?

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