Monday, October 26, 2009

Best friends

We say we don't need them, we say that's it's just an elementary label, but inside we know we can't live without them. A best friend is the person you call when you're laying on your bed on the verge of tears because you simply cannot decide what to wear to the party. A best friend is the person who never needs to say even a word because one look reveals everything. A best friend is the person who sits patiently and listens to all of your problems without passing judgement. Most of all though, a best friend is with you for the long run.

Some of the world's most famous best friends are the ecletic pairing of designers who produce year after year of flawless work (ie. Proenza Schouler). Between best friends exists some undeniable chemistry that can create the most brilliant works of art, sports teams, and literary masterpieces. Sometimes, I feel as though we too often celebrate our family in lieu of our friendships, and although family is critically important, so is friendship. After all, we do get to choose our friends.

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  1. this is gorgeous & i agree, i dont know what i would do without my bestfriends!

    i love the photo of whitney & lauren, they are so adorable!

    thanks for your visit to my blog!



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