Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ladies and gentleman, the beautiful Marion Cotillard

I must admit that lately I have been boycotting American Vogue. I feel as though it is so outshined by its European counterparts that I can no longer afford to spend five dollars on something not wholly fabulous. This said, I almost died when I saw Marion Cotillard on the cover of the November issue. She represents that small percentage of actresses who are real. Her performance in La Vie en Rose was incredible, and if you haven't seen the movie I highly reccomend you do. The photos above are from French Elle of May 2009 (more proof that European magazines put American ones to shame). Enjoy. And be sure to say a little prayer that Anna Wintour will stop playing Oprah and start becoming a little (dare I say?) edgier.

And my apologies for not writing for a while, life sometimes just gets in the way.


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