Monday, June 29, 2009

Game. Set. Match.

Summer is the time for tennis. And while my passion for the sport exists year long no other time of the year does it shine so brightly as in the summer. Right now my favorite professional tournament, Wimbledon, is going on and I am constantly in awe of the glamour that tennis can have.

Wimbledon is my favorite for many reasons, and the all-white attire contributes to this greatly. White shows no sweat and makes players become even more creative to wear the outfit that everyone talks about (hello, Nadal's pink shirt at the French Open?).

Right now I am hoping for a Williams sisters final and maybe an Andy R-Andy M final on the men's side, although this would mean Roger losing in the semis to Andy Murray. Tennis will always be stylish as Wimbledon proves to me every year, now I am just more motivated than ever to go pick up my racket and play.

Melanie Oudin the 17 year old American made me believe that maybe American tennis has a future after Venus and Serena.

Roger never fails to make it look effortless.

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