Sunday, June 21, 2009

Is Karl referencing American history?

Chanel Resort 2010 @ the other chicWhile the clothes themselves did not impress me that much, the entire Chanel 2009-10 resort show did. After watching the first minute of the show on youtube I was a bit puzzled to say the least. The show begins with a model in a black cape and baroque-style cap running onto the runway. This image struck me as an odd homage to Paul Revere and the way that he warned people that something grand and big and massive was coming. Was the model giving the audience the same warning? So I don't exactly have Karl on speed dial to ask him about his intentions for the opening of his show, but I do think he might have just made some American history buffs like me very happy indeed.

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  1. i just watched part of it as well.. very interesting! i agree with you :)


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