Sunday, June 7, 2009

The OC

Ryan and Marissa from the OC @ theotherchic The perfect OC couple, Marissa and Ryan (too bad they never lasted).

So here I am visiting my grandmother in Newport Beach, CA, the beloved location of my used-to-be favorite tv show, The OC. Ever since arriving here yesterday, my first observations have been of the excessive amounts of Mercedes, Lexuses, and Ranger Rovers and the the preppiness that seems to surround this place. Eating lunch this afternoon at the yacht club I saw a lady who, to me, epitomized what I think of as the classic prep.

She was probably in her mid-forties and had a blue and white striped collared long sleeve shirt with white shorts and some Rainbow sandals. She was perfectly tanned as if we were already months into summer and her hair was short and cropped to perfection. Although I don't care to emulate her style because to be honest I don't really love the whole preppy thing, she did seem so classic to me. She seemed as if she could have been sitting on the deck of th yacht club thirty years ago and fit in just perfectly. So while I'm still too young to trade my more hip style for the classic stylings of J. Crew, maybe in a couple of decades I will be that classic preppy lady at the yacht club.

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