Friday, June 5, 2009

Standardized tests are silly.

We all take it. We all sit in the crowded room next to strangers who ask obnoxious questions at inopportune times and chew with their mouth open at breaks. The SAT provides a commonality for all college-bound teenagers across the country. Yet, the test is utimately no more an indication of how smart you are than the last English essay you wrote. I hate the way that kids flaunt their scores as if a better score makes someone a better person. But to some degree we all buy into it. Consciously or not, I feel better about myself when I hear someone talking about a score they got that was lower than mine.

So tomorrow morning I will wake up early and be force-fed a "well balanced" breakfast to make me "smarter". The SAT goes against all of my beliefs in education, that intelligence is not objective, but rather a subjective matter. Regardless, though, of my personal opinion I will still take the test and religiously wait to see my scores and feel either the excitement or the disappointment as college begins to seem that much closer (or farther away).

For all those who will take the SAT tomorrow morning, good night and good luck.

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