Tuesday, June 9, 2009

We bring peace and flowers.

neo-hippie on railroad tracks @ theotherchic Found this photo on flickr and couldn't help but post it.

Is it hip to be a hippie? While I am not sure I have an answer to this question I think the whole question ties back to what neo-hippies are in the first place. Are they just people who dress in 60s-esque garb and pose with their fingers in the peace sign for pictures? Or is there something more to earning the title of a neo-hippie?

While I am a vegetarian and try to recycle and often wear the famous "hippie band" I am not sure I am worthy of the title. The true hippies are the people from the 60s who stood for something, something a whole lot bigger than a fashion statement. So while I still may wear my tie-dye at times and shop at Whole Foods, I think there is a whole lot more to being a hippie than meets the eye.

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